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"Seasonal Wedding Flowers" 39,00 Euros, plus postage.

A comprehensive floral guide that illustrates the availability of wedding flowers during each month of the year.

"Every pre-ordered book is signed by the author and also receives access to a free online Luxury Bridal Class as a thank you worth 85,00 Euros."

What can you expect?


This book is an essential resource for florists, wedding planners, and brides-to-be seeking to create stunning floral arrangements for weddings. With 184 pages of colorful content written in English. The book offers valuable insights into the seasonal availability of flowers, providing readers with knowledge of which flowers to choose for their wedding depending on the month of the year. In addition to the 12 months of inspiration, the book also includes a bridal bouquet guide with a variety of shapes and designs. The book showcases various floral design ideas, 12 wedding color concepts, and offers a general introduction to creating a luxurious and sophisticated wedding aesthetic.

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