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One month course- final floral Design

When I founded the Berlin Flower School I had on specific detail in mind, that not all flower schools focus on. Developing your own style! I find it essential that every florist finds it´s own voice and style and is not just simply coping a certain style of a school or another florist. So in the one months course the students learn the first three weeks all the important floral design techniques that are essential for building up a business (binding bouquets, wiring, wedding flowers, event flowers etc) to than focus in the last week on their own final design piece. They can choose for their final piece between a wedding table setting, a large altar bouquet, a floral installation and a bridal attire. With a budget of 100 Euros they have to buy at the Berlin Flower Market their own flowers and then present on the last day their final piece to the class. This budget is of course included in the course fees. The final pieces are than photographed in high quality for their personal usage for a website, a pdf or an Instagram account to start of their career with a high-end design. To give you an example of this years final floral design of an truly talented student I include four pictures. She has now her own Instagram account blooms&bramble and we are very proud of her.

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