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Ranunculus is Latin for a little frog.

I find that rather funny because the connection to little green frogs is not what I have in mind when I look at this flower. To me, Ranunculi just have the same lush romantic appeal as roses or peonies. That is why I adore them so much and use ranunculi as often as I can in my bridal bouquets.


They come in colors that range from pure white through peach, yellow, pink, orange, red, and burgundy, plus many gorgeous bicolors, which makes them a perfect fit for a valentine’s bouquet.

Expert Tip

Ranunculi are a little bit more delicate than most flowers and therefore need a little special treatment. Here are some tips to make them last for 10 to 12 days in a vase:

  • First, you should remove all the leaves from the stem, which could touch the water.

  • They do not need so much water, so just fill half of your vase with warm water.

  • If you cut them use floral shears or a sharp knife to protect the stem.

  • Change the water every two days.

  • If the flowers are cut before they are fully open, they last for 10 to 12 days in a vase.

Love Julia Gauld


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