About us


Julia Gauld-Ritterspach Founder & CEO

I’ve worked as a design teacher for most of my life. I love sharing knowledge and skills with others. Alongside my teaching, I’ve worked as a florist for my own wedding agency  Julia Gauld Flowers  for years. I’ve arranged flowers for many weddings and events. But at heart, I will always be a teacher. 


I believe in a hands-on approach to teaching, actively involving people in their learning, and encouraging them to find their own way style and passions. I was trained at the famous McQueens Flower School in London as a florist and I have a degree in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, London and a Masters of Arts from the University of Staffordshire.



We are constantly looking for fresh input for our school. Florist teachers from Berlin and from the UK and US are teaching at the Berlin Flower School.



At the Berlin Flower School, creativity comes first. Our experienced tutors teach classic floristry techniques. 

But we are not constrained by them.


We do not believe in a single approach. Instead, we teach floristry skills across a range of different styles, because we value the freedom to explore and the passion to create.



The office and wonderful workshop of the Berlin Flower School are in the culturally vibrant area of Berlin Neukölln.