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Boho Picnic - Florist Stylist Course

We are proud to show you a sneak peak of our Boho Picnic style shooting as part of our florist stylist course.

We wanted to create an outdoor floral design that was reminiscent of a beautiful 70ties hippy picknick. Thank you to all the professionals and students that made this vision come true. Floral concept and art directiont @berlinflowerschool   floral stylist: @juliagauldflowers  @zenzenzhang  @wondersweddings  fashion styling @kellyekardt   photography @fotografie_katjaknetschke  Makeup  Models @miiayoo  @charlotte132005  Glass and cushions: @misspeacockberlin  #berlinflowerschool #flowerschoolberlin #floristrycourse #floriststylistcourse #floralstyling #fashionandflowers #floralshoot  #floraleducator #floraleducation #floraldesign #picknickflowers


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