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Introducing our exciting new 2-day course: "Floral Accessories". Dive into the world of botanical beauty as we explore the art of creating stunning floral adornments. Over the course of two days, participants will unleash their creativity and learn the techniques behind crafting four unique designs per day.


Day 1 will focus on head-turning creations with floral fascinators and elegant floral crowns taking center stage. Participants will learn the intricate methods behind constructing these eye-catching headpieces, combining different blooms and foliage to achieve the perfect balance of color, texture, and shape.

On Day 2, the focus shifts to wearable floral art with a variety of floral jewelry. From delicate necklaces to statement rings and exquisite brooches, participants will master the art of transforming flowers and greenery into wearable masterpieces. Through hands-on instruction, they'll explore various techniques for preserving and arranging botanicals into wearable works of art.

Throughout the course, participants will receive personalized guidance from experienced floral designers, gaining valuable insights into flower selection, construction techniques, and styling tips. Whether you're a seasoned florist looking to expand your repertoire or a budding enthusiast eager to explore the world of floral design, this course offers a unique opportunity to indulge your passion for flowers and unleash your creativity in the realm of floral accessories. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of botanical beauty!


Day 1

  • 1 Floral Fascinator

  • 1 Floral Headpiece

  • 1 Floral Crown

  • 1 Pair of Floral earrings


  • 1 Floral Necklace long

  • 1 Floral Choker

  • 1 Floral Broach

  • 1 Floral Bangel



This course is designed for both beginner and advanced stylists who want to delve deeply into the realms of styling in fashion, interior design, and flatlays. It focuses on teaching techniques for visualizing creative visions effectively. In addition to flowers, accessories , and fashion will also be incorporated to enhance the theme and create compelling scenes.

With a maximum of only two participants per session, the course ensures personalized attention and tailored guidance for each individual. Whether you're looking to refine your styling skills or embark on a new creative journey, this course offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of visual storytelling and bring your ideas to life with style and flair.






10:30-12:30 am with a one-hour break for lunch

01.30 pm – 03:30 pm

All materials included.

Tea, coffee, and cookies are provided throughout the day.


We’ll ask for full payment two weeks before the start of the floristry course. You’ll receive a certificate upon the successful completion of this two-day floristry course.


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