Flower Courses

This class is for all flower lovers and florists who want to bring their bridal flowers to a next level. Learning 3 different wedding bouquet styles with matching buttonholes, flower crowns and corsages using high-end silk ribbons and learning how to present the bouquet to the bride.

Luxury Bridal Flowers
Bridal bouquets, corsage, floral crowns & buttonholes
3-day course
Fashion &  Flowers
Floral Styling for Berlin Fashion Week
5-day course

This exceptional and innovative course is aimed at fashion stylists and beauty artists who want to create gorgeous pictures and explore ideas for their portfolio. Creating exceptional styling setups with fashion and flowers.

We will teach draping and pining techniques for floral background, floral crowns, and hanging installations.


In this workshop, you will learn to work with pin frogs and how to balance still life bouquets as centerpieces. You will be encouraged to develop your own style and color vision. The teacher will show you ways how to create the best background and lighting to photograph your floral creation.

Still Life Bouquets
Two Day Workshop
Wedding Table Setting
& Ceremony Flowers
4-day or 5-day course

Our 4-day course begins with a thorough introduction to classic floristry techniques. After that, we’ll dive into the specifics of creating floral displays for luxury weddings. You’ll learn how to wire flowers, dress tables, create a floral arch and stunning ceremony bouquets. You will learn what flowers and techniques to use for different styles of weddings.

Careers Course
Four Week course

On our four-week floristry course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start working with flowers – or to take your existing business to the next level. In this introductory course, you will learn all essential florist techniques and gain a broad knowledge of flowers their care and handling. You will be introduced to the business side of the floristry industry and in the visualization of your own flower business. Included in the course is always the weeks wedding table setting and the event flowers week, plus focus on hand-tied bouquets and seasonal flowers.

This is a  fantastic option for people with little time who want to gain fast knowledge about floristry. On this one day private course you

learn individual concepts of floral design. Julia Gauld teaches you, three individual, showpieces.

You can choose from three options.

Private Day Course 

 In this course for 5 or 4 days,

we focus on very large floral designs like urns, flower walls and floral arrangements for hotels,

brands and launch parties. 

You will learn how to create and conceptualize big floral events.





Corporate Event Floristry
5-day course or 4-day course

This course is very much about the seasons. It is only in spring right before Easter and in autumn. It dives into the whole world of wreaths. Wreaths for doors, for the Christmas table, for chairs and  big installations.

Seasonal Wreath Workshop
3-day course
Floral Jewelry
3-day course

This course is for all floral enthusiast that love to work on a small scale and wanting to create stunning intricate floral jewelry pieces.