Stil Life Bouquet- Two Days Workshop

Stil Life Bouquet- Two Days Workshop





At BFS we take inspiration from all around us. This class takes its main inspiration from old Dutch floral paintings and other still-life florists. It is designed to foster your creativity, and cultivate your imagination within floristry and to learn old Baroque and Ikebana techniques to create amazing large centerpiece bouquets.



You will learn different floral techniques to create visually stunning centerpieces. We'll demonstrate how to blend color and texture, and explore which flowers to combine to create visual impact with flowers. A special focus will be on roses in this course.



You'll create four distinctive single centerpiece arrangements. Included in the price are two beautiful vases for you to take home with you.



We'll encourage you to take inspiration from all around you, to push boundaries with your imagination and create your own style. You will have the opportunity to show your skills and own style in one of the centerpieces.





Monday/ Tuesday  28./29.09.2020

Monday/ Tuesday 23./24.11.2020

Tuesday/ Wednesday 01./02.12.2020 Winter Bouquets special!

Monday/ Tuesday  04./05.01.2021 Cancelled due to Corona!

Monday/ Tuesday  15./16.02.2021 Only two places left!

Monday/ Tuesday  08./09.03.2021 Sold out!

Monday/ Tuesday  26./27.04.2021

Monday/ Tuesday  31.05/01.06.2021

Monday/ Tuesday  31.08./01.09.2021

Monday/ Tuesday 27./28.09.2021

Thursday/Friday  02./03.12.2021


10:30-12:30 am with a one hour break for lunch

01.30 pm – 04:00 pm

All materials included.

Tea, coffee, and cookies provided throughout the day.


We’ll ask for full payment two weeks before the start of the floristry course. You’ll receive a certificate upon the successful completion of this two-day floristry course.