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Launch Bridal Couture Magazine

With the wedding trend magazine "The white Grace" a dream came true for me. I always wanted to create a high end international magazine. said Julia Gauld- Ritterpach fonder of the Berlin Flower School and Julia Gauld Flowers The new artist magazine for couture weddings and event art, filled with design inspiration at its finest was curated and published by Julia Gauld-Ritterspach (Founder of the Berlin Flower School & Julia Gauld Flowers // Alexandra Williams from the Branding Agency Williams & Gauld)

The first issue of the magazine is dedicated to the classic wedding colors of the 21st century.

Inspired by the colors of the great Impressionist painter Claude Monet, a magazine has been created that is committed to a theme with high design standards and does without any advertising so as not to disturb the aesthetic visual language. A series of female-only international event designers and artists give their interpretation of the visually perfect moment in the field of tension between tradition and modernity. The edition impresses with its international appearance in German, English and French.

The editors Julia Gauld-Ritterspach and Alexandra Williams want to enchant their readers with their feminine imagery. Julia Gauld being a trend forecaster for German Fashion Institute in the past will publish the magazine yearly to inspire new seasonal trend for the wedding industry. on the 26th of August was the launch party.


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