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Princess Peonie

Color and Fragrant:

As the wedding season starts in May, one of my favorite flowers starts blooming – peonies. They make an excellent choice for bridal bouquets or centerpieces. They come almost in every shade of the rainbow from pastel pink to dark purple.

But what I love most about them is that they change color while blossoming.

Some peonies are strongly scented and range from sweet and rosy to citrus and spicy. The fragrant changes throughout the day and the white and pink peonies tend to scent the most.

Expert Tip:

Peonies have very often large blooms with multiple petals and can become top-heavy. I suggest, to cut the stems so that they are not too tall in the vase, allowing the sides of the vase to help support the stems. Fill your clean vase one-third full with lukewarm water. Add cut-flower food to that water, to let them last longer. When you bring the bouquet out into the light again, place it in an area out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. I possible change the water every three days and clean the vase and pruning shears as you did before.


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