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Sweetpea heaven

Color and Fragrant

You know I love pink so I figured this month I will let you know a little bit more about sweet peas. Well, of course, they come in white, red blue and lavender but pink is my favorite. I love them as much when they climb up on my balcony as much as I like it when I arrange them in a vase. Most of the old-fashioned varieties are beautifully fragrant and the flowers resemble fringed butterflies.

Expert Tip

Cut the stems 5 cm above the original cut while holding them underwater to prevent air bubbles that can block the flow of water. When you are ready to arrange the flowers in a vase, remove the leaves that would otherwise be underwater. Change the water every day to keep the flowers looking fresh. Sweet peas don't have stiff, upright stems that hold up well in large vases. Instead, place the stems in bud vases with tall, narrow necks that will support the stems.


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